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Cursuri de limba, literatură, cultură română și tradiții românești.

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Cursurile de limbă și literatură română susținute în școlile din Diaspora sunt o oportunitate pe care n-ar trebui să le-o refuzăm copiilor noștri!

Cursurile se țin în fiecare sâmbătă, de la 10am la 1pm, din septembrie până în iulie și sunt dedicate copiilor cu vârste de la 4 ani în sus.

Vă așteptăm la școlile din Hendon și Stratford.

Hendon School                             School 21

Golders Rise                                 Pitchford Street

NW4 2HP                                      E15 4RZ

Hendon                                         Stratford



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Keeping it Wild

AlexZ Youth Club

An inclusive social action project providing opportunities for young people to engage in conservation.

Keeping it Wild is a new programme funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund that brings the youth and conservation sectors together to provide exciting opportunities for young people to engage with and protect the capital’s wild spaces.

We have secured the funds through London Youth. We will work with groups of young people who traditionally are not engaged in conversation or heritage work. Keeping it Wild will take groups of young people aged between 11 and 25 through progressive stages, challenging them to further their skills at each stage.



Project dedicates to young people in order to raise awareness on the cause of discrimination, to give young people the opportunities to  share their stories, to encourage positive relationships among  different groups of young people. 


When we asked the young people what kind of activities would like to be involved with, they come up with...discrimination. When we asked why they wanted  to tackle discrimination specifically, they said:  

...We have all experienced some sort of discrimination during our school time or witnessed it at least a couple of time. We felt anger, sometimes disappointed... 

 ...We want to prevent people from becoming isolated, cyberbullied, self harm and develop eating disorders...              


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